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Seachem Filter Sock 7"x 16" inch 100 Micron

Seachem Filter Sock 7"x 16" inch 100 Micron

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Seachem Filter Socks remove suspended particulates from the water column down to 100 microns, providing exceptional purity and water quality. These socks are built to last, with durable welded seams and a singed finish to reduce wear and prevent the reintroduction of debris to your aquarium.

  • Unparalleled particulate removal for outstanding water quality
  • Durable welded seams reduces wear
  • 100 micron rating traps even the smallest debris
  • Plastic collar fits standard sump fittings for easy installation

100 Micron Rating. One micron is on millionth of a meter (or one thousandth of a millimeter). These socks have a mesh size of 100 microns, allowing them to trap even the smallest particles and debris.

Easy Installation and Maintenance. Rinse before use. Fit Seachem Filter Sock into any standard sump or overflow system made for collared filter socks.

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